3D Printing & Resin Parts

An old work in progress render of a Nurgle Terminator shoulder pad and arm.

Really getting the urge to get back to 3D sculpting at the moment.

What seems like a very long time ago now I looked into doing 3D sculpted parts and setting up an online shop selling those parts once cast in resin, this idea was a relatively new concept at the time, I think there was only one name doing it, now there’s at least half a dozen companies successfully trading and regularly creating new products.

I decided to shelf the project because of the logistics, the numbers just didn’t add up and the venture was just too risky.

These days, the cost of printing, quality of detail and speed of printing masters has increased tenfold, plus there’s actually companies offering the tooling services here in England now, so maybe it’s time to rekindle the project 🤔

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