Forward To Victory!

Panting Competition – Forward To Victory!

Greetings, fellow geeks and gamers!

The results for the first Painting Competition came in via Instagram poll and it was a big win for the Forward To Victory theme, beating Let’s Rock! 63% to 37%.

Those who voted for Let’s Rock! need not fret as the losing theme will always be added as part of the next theme poll.

The Painting Competitions will be run bimonthly (every two months) with a deadline of one month and the following criteria:

  • Each theme will be chosen via an Instagram poll.
  • The previous ‘loosing’ theme will be part of the following theme poll.
  • The start and final entry date will be given along with the Theme Details.
  • The scoring for each entry will be made over the following three areas
    • Painting – an obvious element in a painting competition.
    • Theme Accuracy – this can be anything from the miniature selection right up to modelling and conversions of your own, the closer the model is to the theme the better it will score.
    • WIP Updates and final shots – A hashtag will be given for the painting competition, this is to be used to post any and all WIP shots and obviously the final entry shots, better shots with more accurate lighting will score better after all that is part of the hobby too.

The scoring is broken down into three parts, this is to ensure that hobbyists from all walks get a good chance and also that the competition is fun and appeals to more than just the painters.

Start Date – 21st March 2018

Entry Date – 21st April 2018

Painting Competition Hashtag – #TPDForwardToVictory

The Theme Details

The Forward To Victory theme should feature a commanding figure, one that is inspiring OR dominating the troops within its command to ensure they push forward, securing the objectives and ultimately win the battle.

  • Any models from any company may be used.
  • Any size model and base may be used.
  • Any number of models may be used (as in a diorama for instance) but only the command figure will be judged on theme.
  • Vehicles and armour may be involved (tank commander for instance).

Prize will be announced tomorrow! (I need to take a picture).

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