New Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard Announced by Games Workshop

Source: New Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard Announced – Warhammer Community

Primaris Captain

Absolutely amazing miniatures coming in once again from Games Workshop to bolster the base game set of Warhammer 40000, the miniatures are going to appeal to Ultramarines and Death Guard players primarily but hey, we all love those armies …right?

First up is the captain, who, let’s be honest is pretty standard for a Space Marine and an Ultramarine character, he has a solid, commanding pose, he has even found a small stone to pop a foot up on to really drive home his captaincy, a flowing cape to give some movement which continues through to all the trappings and decorations befitting a captain.

Primaris Librarian

The Primaris Librarian miniature is again a pretty standard schematic of what a Librarian should look like, he has all the usual elements, even the underarm tubing that we have seen before, still, a very nice miniature, a couple of stand out areas for me are:

  • The head – great sculpt, full of character especially the psychic hood
  • The flowing robes, love them
  • The keys and the padlocked spell

The sword and outstretched hand are nice touches but nothing new, I do like the fact that the Primaris Librarian has the classic Rams head iconography.

Primaris Space Marine Reivers

Well, where do I start with these bad boys? …absolutely amazing, the sculpts tick just about every box for me, I really don’t like the Inceptor Jump Pack marines but these more than make up for it. The helmets are obviously the take home on these models, also the pouches are a nice touch too.

Plague Marines

More Plague Marines which is never a bad thing, my only problem with these and with a lot of the new miniatures coming from Games Workshop is the ‘Easy to Build’ aspect which means no ‘extra bits’ and not easily mixed and converted, but that said, the models are nice and full of character with a lot of detail.

The new wave of Plague Marine models have really got me wanting to paint them, they have that ‘pick me up’ factor about them, I have heard some say that “they are too cartoony” or “they are over detailed”, I personally like them.


The Poxwalkers for me are weak, I am not keen on the design and style, I would have much preferred a gasmask-wearing, plague brother style of thing, more like the last lot of renegade cultist models from the previous boxed set.

From the posts people are putting up on places like Instagram there is little Poxwalker action going on so I think I am not the only one who isn’t keen, maybe they will grow on me, who knows.


What are your thoughts on this latest release?

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