The Obligatory New Year Post

Well as we enter 2017 the hobby community is awash with the obligatory New Year resolutions promising all kinds of hobby commitment, so without further ado, here is what I have planned and hopefully what I will be getting done throughout 2017.

  • Blood Bowl
    It’s time to pay homage to the mighty Nuffle!!!
    I have a gaming weekend planned on the 4th and 5th of February and part of that will be playing the new Blood Bowl so I have dug out my classic teams and will be getting these match ready.
    “Let’s play Blood Bowl”
  • Prosper Burns
    I went halves with a friend and bought the Prospero Burns game, opting for the Loyalist half as they are Space Vikings …there is a current theme in my hobby!
  • Space Wolves
    I have had a small but quite elite Space Wolves force that was initially used as allies for my Ultramarines, so I decided in 2016 to revisit the force by adding the odd unit and squad to plug gaps where I found play was lacking, but like every project I do these days it quickly seems to have snowballed into a monster and I now have a very large Space Wolves army with optional FOC swap outs …Space Vikings!!!
  • Nurgle Chaos Space Marines
    Since the new Codex Traitor Legions book is out it’s time to update Father Nurgle’s blessed. I have a few squads to finish off for this army painting wise but mostly the forces are done, it is just things like final detailing, basing and varnishing. …actually the more I think about it the more I realise I have to do, I decided to add more transports a year or so ago which I bought and shelved so they are there to do plus a Defiler which has been sat for about 5 years as a ‘pending project’, this will entail a lot of green stuff work like the majority of the army.
  • Small Side Projects
    There will be plenty of side projects going on like finishing the odd model to go in the cabinet, game objectives and scenery. I like to take a break from big projects to evade burnout.

Well good luck to all on their 2017 hobby projects and remember, hobbies are meant to be fun so don’t let project pressure get you down.

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