The Slumbering Dragon Awakes

Greetings fellow geeks and gamers,

As the title implies I have decided to rekindle my presence on The Painted Dragon site, with more posts and updates in the pipeline, especially on the Astronomican Blog where I intend to get some regular weekly themed posts going and also get back to blogging my painting and modelling projects.

Later in the year, I am hoping to get some video action going via YouTube …but that’s for later, for now, we’ll concentrate on getting the weekly content in place.

The overall look and feel of the site have been given a refresh for 2018 and I have some great community things planned in the coming months, some hobby focus interviews and even some competitions so stay tuned for more updates and info.

We have given the website a whole new look and a general overhaul, tying in social media and making it a lot more user-friendly, there will be no forum as such and the sharing of projects will be done via the blog, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

I hope to see some people subscribing to the blog and posting feedback, and as always comments are welcome so please feel free.

As always, thank you for reading and happy geeking.

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