Warhammer Age of Sigmar FAQs: The New Model

New FAQ model for Age of Sigmar announced by Games Workshop over on the Warhammer Community this week and it sounds like GW have had a good think about the future and development of the AoS system, they have even gone as far as to say…

“we want to make sure that we can grow Warhammer Age of Sigmar sustainably. To that end, at the Las Vegas Open this past weekend, we confirmed our new model for FAQs, errata and other rules updates.”

The new approach boasts a slew of positive actions, hopefully leading to quickly dealt with gaming issues while minimising any book-keeping or instability in the run-up to major events. The model will also have a release schedule of regular rules updates.

“Firstly, any smaller changes to battletomes will be dealt with 2 weeks after they hit shelves with an errata. This is designed to pick up smaller issues, such as new interactions that arise between battletomes as they’re released.”

The whole thing reminds me of the way that big games companies handle updates to computer games, giving the players regular small patches to fix issues and add small but interesting content and then a couple of big updates with challenges and community targeted content.

GW have continued with their new theme here of being committed to the players, collectors, and community, listening to feedback and reacting proactively which in my opinion is a great thing, the GW of today is a far cry from the one that I grew up with and I love it.

Read the original article here Warhammer Age of Sigmar FAQs: The New Model – Warhammer Community

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